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The recipe is simple: Charlie cooks an amazing meal Charlie impresses heir to the theme park Max Jones Charlie gets a promotion and a dash of control over his kitchen But the perfect recipe becomes unpalatable with one wrong ingredient and Max Jones is not behaving how Charlie expected... Max is meant to inherit the entire Fairyland theme park but he just wants to party, have fun and bed as many people as possible. That is, until he meets Charlie and falls for him so hard and so fast he can't even finish the delicious meal. Charlie doesn't have time for clubs or helicopter flights over the city, but Max is accustomed to getting what he wants, and he wants Charlie. Featuring one part Billionaire, one part sensible chef, six cups of attraction, a generous dose of snark and a freshly prepared Happy Ever After. --- Recipe for Chaos is a sweet MM gay Billionaire contemporary romance



Recipe for Chaos

SKU: 0473489732
  • Jaxon Knight

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