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Cedric has been kidnapped by pirates....they have no idea how much trouble they're in for.Cedric was living his best life, partying in the colonies, bedding whomever he pleased and trusting that his parents' money and affluence would get him out of any unfortunate scrapes. Until he was kidnapped by the fearsome pirate Lucifer, who planned to trade him for a hefty ransom. Unfortunately, he's not the only one after Cedric, and the strange secret society who have Cedric in their sights might just be more dangerous than Captain Lucifer.Now Cedric is trapped on a pirate ship with a dashingly handsome captain, a quartermaster who won't stop staring at him and an overwhelming desire to find some fun, all while saving his hide from an unknown organisation who will stop at nothing to track him down.--- This is the first book in a new gay pirate harem series from Drake LaMarque. Set in the same world as the His Piratical Harem series, this book features a plucky new main character, a new pirate ship and a Lovecraftesque new threat.NOT a standalone, it ends on an HFN, the end of the series will have a HEA for Cedric and his men.



Kidnapped by the Gentleman

SKU: 047352645X
  • Drake LaMarque

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