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Arthur knows it's time he told his mates he's gay. So what's the holdup? He's wound so tight he can't get the words out - giving himself injuries, spilling his dinner, and all-round making a mess of it.


And that's before the nosy neighbour gets involved with her spiced apple muffins. Or the elderly residents of the Sunset Villas retirement home start complicating matters. Not to mention the gorgeous straight guy from the driving range.


If only Arthur could get his act together...


Duck and Dive is a quick, light, and fun read - the first in the completed Rise and Shine series. It's filled with buckets of banter, dashes of comic tragedy, and more food and booze than any story ought to have. Our boys are surrounded by a cast of chaotic characters and thrown into the most unlikely situations. Their story continues in Slip and Slide, and concludes in Over and Out.



Duck And Dive

SKU: 9780473590697
  • G.B. Ralph

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