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Arthur and Gabriel both lead busy lives, and now they've got a shotgun wedding to attend. Their first event as a couple - that is, if they last that long. Arthur's adopted grandparents have dragged him out on their mystery day trip. But the mischievous oldies are more interested in meddling with his love life. Meanwhile, Gabriel is living the big city life. Scrambling to cram in study, work shifts, and a social life, now he's determined to pursue something else: his new man.


With a baffling series of events conspiring to keep them apart, can they make it work?


Over and Out is a quick, light, and fun read - the final in the completed Rise and Shine series. But this time, we're not only in Arthur or Gabriel's head, we're flip-flopping between the two! Everyone gets a turn. Such a versatile arrangement - it's only fair.


It's filled with buckets of banter, dashes of comic tragedy, and more food and booze than any story ought to have. Our boys are surrounded by a cast of chaotic characters and thrown into the most unlikely situations. Their story started in Duck and Dive, continued in Slip and Slide, and concludes in Over and Out.



Over and Out

SKU: 0473590751
  • G.B. Ralph

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