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Zach Darlington saved the world from total apocalypse and all he got was grounded. He's not even allowed to watch his favorite horror movies anymore, and now his parents want to ship him off to boarding school!


But before Zach can talk some sense into his parents, his little sister, Naomi, lands in an unexplainable coma. Zach's friend Ash (yep, Zach and the King of Demons are friends now) knows this was the work of Ash's eternal nemesis, the Archangel Uriel. And the only way to revive Naomi is with the fruit from the Tree of Life. Yeah, that tree. Like, from the actual Garden of Eden.


Zach and his friends will have to face terrifying angels, monsters, and a serpent to get to the tree and save Naomi's life. He just hopes he won't be grounded till the end of time if they ever make it back.



Nightmares in Paradise: Ring of Solomon

SKU: 1335009973
  • Aden Polydoros

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