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Jackson is a teenage boy living in the Mish, an Aboriginal community in Australia. He hangs out with his mates, has a girl who's really interested in him, and lives with a family that doesn't ask too many questions. He feels he's got everything under control...until Tomas comes along. Tomas is a mysterious boy with a troubled past who's been taken in by Jackson's aunt.Jackson's aunt and cousins come to visit, Tomas and Jackson are suddenly sharing a room-and a whole lot of tension. At first, that tension seems to come from the intrusion on Jackson's life...but then it becomes about something much deeper, and much more personal. Jackson's never let himself love before-not the way he's starting to Tomas. It's scary and confusing and acts like a secret but feels like the truth. It's not anything he's ready for-but it will take him where he needs to be...if he lets it.



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Ready When You Are

SKU: 1338749544
  • Gar Lonesborough

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