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Three weeks at the Olympic Village.

Two Gymnasts who've been rivals for half a decade.

One tonne of sexual tension.


Forced to share a room at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Oliver and Lucas are less than happy. After five years of fighting, the team needs them to learn to work together if they stand any chance of medalling.


To make matters worse, Lucas, king of lone wolves, has absolutely no desire to become best friends with the three musketeers who make up the rest of the male British Gymnastics Team.


So when the press becomes intrusive towards Lucas and Oliver finally steps in to defend him, things are looking up. Until that sliver of common ground truly demonstrates how thin the line between love and hate really can be.


However, when their fighting turns to kissing which results in headlines in every newspaper and potential heartbreak for the pair, it isn't just gold on the line -- it's their hearts.



Olympic Enemies

SKU: 1509247564
  • Rebecca J Caffery

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