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Go on an adventure in a 90s retro world that never was.


You were once a normal, everyday teenager on the verge of adulthood. But after a mystical experience, you developed unusual powers and became something far greater--a protector of humanity and guardian against evil--a Fever Knight!


Fever Knights Role-Playing Game transports you into a retro world that never was. This is a place where the 90's vibes are still alive: from latchkey kids to Super Nintendo gaming, to cassette players and Saturday morning cartoons, and from urban legends to adventures in the woods.


Designed for first-time and veteran gamers, this book contains a lightweight ruleset Powered by ZWEIHÄNDER and an adventure that will take you across the island home of the Fever Knights.



Fever Knights Role-Playing Game

SKU: 1524867608
  •  Adam Ellis
    Daniel D. Fox
    Anna Goldberg
    Gabriel Hicks
    Kate Bullock

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