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To stop his relationship from going sourdough, the least-popular contestant on Britain's favourite baking show must work through his anxiety and fears in order to find happiness. Paris Daillencourt is a recipe for disaster: though he's passionate about his academic career, his severe self-doubt has trapped him in a cycle of indecision-until his roommate enters him in Bake Expectations in hopes of pushing him out of his comfort zone. Paris initially finds success, winning the first week's bake and falling into flirtation with kind, confident Tariq Hassan. But with each week of the competition, Paris is crumbling. Despite the attraction, the differences between him and Tariq keep moving them further and further apart. Paris's desserts and delicacies consistently impress the judges, but his fear of failure keeps spilling over into his baking. And when the show airs, thrusting Paris into the spotlight, the savagery of social media is all his worst anxieties come to life. Paris has always believed that his fears are his just desserts. But as he finds the strength to face his anxieties, he might just realize it's the sweet things in life that he really deserves.



Paris Daillencourt Is about to Crumble

SKU: 1538703335
  • Alexis Hall

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