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It's not every day your football-star crush asks to taste your big sundae special.


Billy Tucker


All I want to do is go to culinary school, become a dessert chef, and let go of this small, dusty town - if only it would let go of me. My dad's heart attack hindered my leaving after high school - bless his hardworking heart - but now I've got money saved up and an associate's degree under my belt, and I am more determined than ever.


That all changes the day Tanner Strong, hunky football star and walking wet dream from my teen years, struts into my diner and orders my dessert special.


I know I can be headstrong at times, but I don't care if he's changed. I won't let that cocky athlete's charm distract me. Once the end of summer hits, I'm out of here.


And my heart sure ain't on the menu.


Tanner Strong


Here I am, thinking this will be just another summer in Spruce, Texas with my family and my hometown buddies. But boy am I in for a surprise when I run into driven, loyal, and stubborn-as-a-bull Billy Tucker, still working himself to death at his dad's diner.


The truth is, college football isn't all it's cracked up to be, and I couldn't be more unsure of my future. I was hoping to find answers this summer, but the only thing on my mind now is him.


Billy Tucker. His sweet face. His sweeter desserts.


And the secret I've kept within me since high school - a secret that's now bursting at the seams.


Love is always brewin' in Spruce, Texas!
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Football Sundae

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