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Lambda Literary Award-finalist L.A. Fields returns to the life of Mrs. Watson in her newest collection of historical tales.

In the halcyon days between WWI and WWII, Sherlock Holmes is a frequent presence in the lives of the Watsons. Mrs. Watson is a unique wit and astute observer of the Great Detective. While she's mindful of the true nature of the relationship between her husband and Holmes, Mrs. Watson is also along for the ride.

A group trip to Australia occasions "The Nightmare Pygmalion," an ironic twist on Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. A visit to London to hear the symphony has Holmes describing the unhappy marriage of composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky in the epistolary story "The Pathétique Symphony." For Halloween, there is "Hell-Home," which reveals the secrets in Bram Stoker's closet. For Christmas, a former patient of Dr. Watson's from Afghanistan, Colonel Hayter-known by her husband's readers as the man from "The Adventure of the Reigate Squire"-returns many years later with somber news.

Mrs. Watson Untold Stories

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  • L.A. Fields

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