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The old world has broken down. There are two ways that the new world can go. In the aftermath of a global catastrophe, three women and a boy take shelter in a deserted village within a vast, unfathomable forest. Unknown beasts lurk on the edge of the forest and hide in the heart of this village, but Fran, Rhea, Ky and the boy called Lugh are determined to build a new society and keep the flame of civilization alive. Their refuge seems secure until the arrival of the Mann family: a pack of devout brothers and their pious mother. The new family is invited to stay and an unlikely relationship develops between Lugh and Abel, the youngest of the Mann brothers. In time, tensions grow as the newcomers impose their religious control over the life of the community. As secrets are exposed and the clash of values turns violent, chaos descends and the beast that lurks beyond the edge of civilization closes in on the village. The survivors will have to decide whether they must sacrifice their humanity to save their lives.



The Kindly Ones

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  • Cliff James

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