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Cody Montrose is about to lose his virginity during a one-night (more accurately a one-hour) stand in a seedy motel when the hookup is interrupted by three men who abduct the year 2060. His captors reveal that mankind will soon be extinct because of the mutated HIV virus. But perhaps a risky plan to send the ideal test subject back in time to California, to the year 1983 where the deadly strain first occurred, might work. Cody finds himself asked to impersonate Lance, a big-dicked, blond porn star of the era. Carrying an experimental nanocell that is hoped to innoculate anyone he has sex with, Cody plunges into the world of porn and hustling, sleeping with a who’s who of gay porn stars and famous actors, including co-star Leo Ford. Can Cody save the world without drastically altering the course of history?



Lance And Leo

SKU: 1590217314
  • Colton Aalto

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