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When Josh Bradshaw returns to his childhood home and the house down the street from his childhood best friend, it seems like it could be a new beginning. After all, he's older now, and although his feelings haven't changed, he now has words to describe what he felt. He's gay, and he's had a crush on Brian Esau since they were eleven.


Zack Standish couldn't be happier that his best friend is back home, and although he's not sure how to respond to the fact that Josh is gay, there is one very clear silver lining: Missy, the girl of his dreams, is dating his best friend's crush.

The plan is simple:

1. Break up Brian and Missy.

2. Confess their love to their respective crushes.

3. Live happily ever after.


It's a win-win for everyone... or maybe not.


When the plan spirals out of control, Zack and Josh must choose what matters most-their childhood friendship or the romance just within reach.



Darts and Flowers

SKU: 1611534666
  • Dean Backus

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