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Chiharu and Wataru captivated readers' hearts in Nagisa Furuya's English-language BL debut, My Summer of You. Now, the two boys return in this cinematic sequel to the beloved summer romance boys' love series!


Their first memorable summer was in high school, followed by their first summer together as college students... Now, Wataru and Chiharu are in their second year of college, and the two boys can't wait to spend another summer together. Now back from his study abroad program, Chiharu is ecstatic to see Wataru for the first time in two months, and Wataru's thankful that they'll have more time to spend with each other, without also having to balance work and school. One of their plans have the two return to the cinema for a movie date to celebrate Wataru's 20th birthday, but what other memories will the summer have in store for them?



My Summer of You Vol. 3

SKU: 1646515838
  • Nagisa Furuya

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