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More than 80 thematic recipes inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien's novels of Middle-earth.


From Elrond's famous feasts at Rivendell to Galadriel's gift of Lembas Bread to the Fellowship of the Ring, the foods made by Tolkien's Elves are mysterious, ethereal, and elegant. The Elven Cookbook provides readers with an experience from the world of Tolkien like no other, featuring more than 80 delicious recipes inspired by the mythical race. With recipes such as Silmaril Breakfast Friands, Lúthien's Asparagus Tart, and Rivendell Roast Lamb, this beautiful cookbook captures all the majesty and otherworldliness of the Elves' way of life, and delivers a treat for your taste buds and imagination alike.


This work is unofficial and is not authorized by the Tolkien Estate or HarperCollins Publishers.



The Elven Cookbook: Recipes Inspired by the Elves of Tolkien

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