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Take one reckless party boy bartender. (That's me.)
Add an irresistible, hunky math teacher. (He's stupid-hot and driving me crazy.)
Throw in one ice-princess baby sister who hates my guts. (We'll work on that later.)
And you get:
One Hell-raising cocktail of trouble.


Welcome to my life.
Please drink responsibly.


"Raising Hell" is a riotous and daring stand-alone story about love, loss, and "living your truth" that will grip you from page one and never let go. A sudden tragedy leaves bartender Mathew as the sole caregiver to his spitfire baby sister Helen - and puts him face to face with her irresistible straight-laced math teacher Charlie. Contains: mature themes, adult language, spilled martinis, and drag queens.



Raising Hell

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