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Dr. Jekyll leads a powerful, affluent group called the Cult of the Damned that is growing in strength and numbers, threatening to purge the evils of the world by ending all life.


He needs two things to complete their heinous mission: A five-hundred-year-old object called The Chimera Ring and the rare blood of a certain vampire, Fang.


With his plan, Fang will be changed into a monster and Van Helsing will be there to kill her.


With crosshairs on Fang's head and traps for Coyle's investigation, will the two overcome Dr. Jekyll's plans, and stop the Cult of the Damned?


Sherlyn Coyle uses her brilliant detective skills hunting her murderous ex-fiance, known around the world as "The Ripper".


Fang is a vampire assassin who broke out of her cage and she's looking for blood.


Set in an amazing steampunk world, Coyle and Fang: Prey for the Hunt is the second book in the series. Each book is packed with action, mysteries and thrills.



Prey for the Hunt

SKU: 1736756524
  • Robert Adauto

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