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Two travelers on the ultimate Australian road trip. Two numbers that will change their lives forever.


Thomas is in need of a change. Being an aspiring artist from London, he hopes a working holiday in sunny Australia will be the muse he's been waiting for. But it isn't Australia's vast landscapes that are his source of inspiration...


After a string of unromantic dates, Thomas meets Bruce, a handsome Irish traveler with alluring almond eyes. The more time the pair spend together, however, the more they start seeing the numbers 1122 everywhere.


Are the numbers just a coincidence, or is something greater at play? Is Bruce really who he says he is, or is there more to him than he's letting on?


A story about seizing the moment, finding a sense of home, and embracing love when it comes knocking.



When Things Happen Together

SKU: 1777666848
  • Jordan Clayden-Lewis

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