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You are formally invited to the royal become the husband to the king!


King Charles of Lysianna needs a husband and fast. He's up against the biggest time crunch of all-a royal decree stating he must marry or lose the crown. It's already December and he's running out of time. Throwing a royal ball to find a suitable man for the role of husband seems like the king's only option...until he meets Nathan. This royal has always done things his own way-and maybe now it's time to go rogue.


Nathan Pratt doesn't want much from life except to raise his son and be happy. Dating isn't on this single father's radar until he sees Charles in the castle solarium and his heart goes out to the sad-looking man. Once he meets Charles, he starts to think love might be possible. There's just the small issue of Charles being the king...


Will Nathan be able to handle the glare of the spotlight with Charles beside him, or will the notoriety that comes with dating a royal be too much?



Rogue Royal

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  • Megan Slayer

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