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The ground is shaking and cracking under Point Worth, Ohio. A pack of werewolves, an old woman, and a drag queen meet in the parking lot of the high school football stadium.Two men speed away from Point Worth, desperate to put the town behind them.Jacob, Rob done. He is leaving his hometown for a final time with the love of his life, Lucas. They plan to take the first plane out of Ohio with Los Angeles as their final destination, and never look back.Things are never that simple. And one day is as good as any for an apocalypse.For Rob and Lucas, running away was never an option. Since before a time they even knew, events have been unfurling that will shape their destinies forever. What's real? Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? What has Rob been running from since he was a child? What has happened in Lucas' past that has made his present collide with Rob's? Why is Rob having visions and hearing voices more than ever?One thing is inevitable. In the end...Jacob Michaels will be dead.No matter what happens, some stories never die...



Jacob Michaels is Dead

SKU: 1951860047
  • Chase Connor

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