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Are you currently suffering under late-stage capitalism? Do you shell out cookie-cutter answers in every horrible interview? Did society pressure you to enter the workforce to prove your self-worth, or was that Mom and Dad? If you have answered "yes" to any of the following questions, then you are also familiar with getting f*cked by job hunting. The Art of Job Hunting is Anastasia Helena Fenald's second poetry collection, a classic one-two punch of humorous satire and blunt truth. While taking inspiration from job applications, skill assessments, and interview questions, each poem delivers wit and sarcasm sprinkled with plenty of uncomfortable (read: honest) vulnerability. The Art of Job Hunting is for anyone living paycheck to paycheck, plotting to cannibalize the rich, and still hopeful enough to think they have a chance against nepotism babies.



The Art of Job Hunting

SKU: 1961717026
  • Anastasia H Fenald

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