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A complex and timeless journey of beautiful self-discovery between faith and identity, full of passion, prejudice, and ambition.


Three passionate young men travel to Rome eager to begin an exciting new chapter of their lives. International studies amid ancient ruins and romantic fountains expose them to an extraordinary new world.

Wonderment, homesickness, and adventure transform into the need for human touch and comfort. Anthony falls in love with Kevin leading to a passionate affair that can only endure in secret.

Fearing the consequences of being discovered, they cling to each other and their newfound love. Can their clandestine love affair survive the foolishness of youth?

Will their newly discovered passions win out over their ambitions?


Journey with them as their forbidden love is tested by passion, prejudice, and ambition in Forbidden Rome.


An Exciting and Captivating Retelling of New Men: Bonds of Brotherhood



Forbidden Rome: An Exciting and Captivating Romance

SKU: 1990158463
  • Mario Dell'olio

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