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Something is rotten in the state of Ithacan. Aurora Vespucci is determined to bring it to light. But the obstacles the royal family of Ithacan has placed in her path are huge, and when a friend lets her down, Aurora's carefully forged plans go awry. Suddenly she must trust a complete stranger with secrets that could not only unhinge the royal family, but Ithacan as a whole.

In a climatechanged future where nothing grows without magic and humans are deemed monkeys with elaborate sticks, Aurora hunts the monsters of her past only to find that they are right here, between her and the future she never dared to dream of.
Set in a speculative future, THE HAND THAT FEEDS is a thrilling quest for change, love and justice.



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The Hand That Feeds

SKU: 3000695176
  • Anna Klapdor

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