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Cary "Sol" Solomon isn't just in a slump-he's a mess. His stats have plummeted. Fans hate him. After he caps off two awful seasons with a catastrophic playoff flop, his team is done with him. Worse, thanks to his downward spiral, the addiction that's nearly cost him his career before is rearing its ugly head.


As luck would have it, though, the Seattle Sasquatches are desperate for goalies. When they snatch up Sol off waivers, maybe he has a chance to turn things around... if he can stay sober and get back on his game.


Except Sol isn't the Sasquatches' only new netminder.


Once destined for the hall of fame, Josh O'Brien is a trainwreck thanks to an injury and a messy divorce. His illustrious career is a disaster, and now he's an unrestricted free agent who nobody wants to sign. He's on the brink of losing the only thing he has left: hockey.


Then Seattle comes knocking with an offer he can't refuse: a huge pay cut, but a shot at redemption. One that means being teammates with the ex whose name still raises Josh's hackles all these years later.


Now Josh and Sol are stuck on the same team, proximity dredging up emotions they've both kept buried for years. Which wouldn't be so bad if the only things coming to the surface were anger and resentment. As they remember all the sparks and feelings that once drew them together, neither can decide which is worse-being together or apart.


And that's before Sol's old demons start showing up.


But they're not just coming for him this time.



Brick Walls

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  • L.A. Witt

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