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AUSTIN ROMERO: No one's fast enough to outrun grief.


Trust me, I've tried. I ran away from the city and took a job as the lead detective back in my old home town of Blue Creek, New Hampshire. I expected to bump into past ghosts, but I never expected those ghosts to reopen old wounds.


The biggest ghost of them all: Charlie Marsh. The man who pushed me out of this town in the first place.


He was also the man who had stolen my heart when we were teens, and who now couldn't even remember a single day we had spent together.


Which makes it exceptionally awkward when he becomes my first client. CHARLIE MARSH: An accident stole seven years of my memories, robbing me of experiences, lessons, people.


It robbed me of my first love. I couldn't remember who Austin even was, much less when and where we shared our first kiss. So when I bumped into the most jaw-droppingly handsome man I'd ever seen, I had no idea we already shared an entire galaxy's worth of history between us.


Second chances aren't always easy, and this one only gets more complicated after finding out that my 'accident' wasn't an accident at all, and it seems like someone wants to finish the job.


Good thing I've got a hot detective's number on speed-dial.



Love Me Again

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  • Max Walker

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