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Art is a spineless Christian who's been bullied at school for being a dork and treated poorly by his devout parents for being gay. He can't seem to defend himself no matter how hard he tries, especially because he believes God wouldn't like it. He's relieved to graduate high school, and he plans to move out of his parents' house to a toxic-free environment. It's the one escape route he clings to.


In what first seems like a stroke of good luck for once, Art meets Cole at a restaurant while Cole waits his table, and they hit it off rather quickly. They swap numbers and plan to meet up later on, only for it to be the last that they see each other.


Soon after, Art encounters someone he knows very well who changes his life for the worst, and Art tries to end his life after the incident. His parents don't believe him when he tells them what happened, nor do they support his mental health. Therefore, he feels he has no choice but to leave as soon as possible. Little does he know, Cole-the one guy he thought he'd never see again-could end up becoming more important than he ever imagined.


But will Art open up and give Cole a chance?




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  • Marco May

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