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"Someday, I will take one taste too much, and you won't recognize me. You may see my face, my eyes, my lips, but I won't be there. Only my thirst will be. And the next time you go for a kiss, it'll be a monster you're kissing, a monster who only kisses with teeth, who would sooner drink every last drop from your veins than love you."


The unthinkable happens. Kyle loses his parents and brother to a senseless tragedy and must leave his life behind to go on the run, hand-in-hand with the demon who took it all away.


Kissing With Teeth is a daring new M/M paranormal romance by Daryl Banner, USA Today bestselling author of When I See You Again and Raising Hell. This is the first book in a series. While the main character's storyline contains no cliffhanger, secondary characters and plots may be left unresolved.



Kissing With Teeth

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  • Daryl Banner

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