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There are only three Arrows left. But is there more that stands between Florian and his mission to save the world?


The four kingdoms have united... sort of. Florian, Kade, Koji, and their newest ally Rune have promised to work together to find the last of the seven Golden Arrows of Soleil and finally put an end to the Blight. Florian and Koji's reception in the kraken kingdom wasn't much warmer than the last, but King Torsten's fiery niece Rune rebels against his stance of caution and seclusion. When she commits to helping them find the Arrows, Torsten begrudgingly allows them to remain in the kraken kingdom and explore its vast underwater domain, largely untouched by the Blight, at their own peril.


Rune's help proves to be essential, as the two nearest Arrows are far out to sea. But now that he's able to shift into a wolf, a dragon, and a mighty kraken, Florian is confident they can find and collect each of the remaining Arrows, despite their far-flung locations.


But even with all his allies, both old and new, Florian is the only one who can truly understand the curse put upon Soleil and the Summer Court. What will it take to end the Blight once and for all? And when faced with the true cost of peace, will Kade's love be enough to give Florian the strength to see their mission through, or will they plunge the Veil further into disaster?


THE SACRIFICIAL HEART, the final book of the Chronicles of the Veil, is a steamy MM paranormal romance featuring fae, shifters, and a trans MC. This 18+ novel contains adult situations.



The Sacrificial Heart: MM Paranormal Romance

SKU: 9798873670444
  • Lionel Hart

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