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Travel to the far culinary corners of Thedas inside the thrilling Dragon Age universe with the only officially licensed Dragon Age cookbook! Featuring over 60 recipes that are accessible at any skill level, this cookbook is the perfect way to bring the culinary traditions of Thedas into your kitchen.


Take a culinary journey through the rich and diverse landscape of Dragon Age, where you can prepare and enjoy delicious and accessible recipes that bring iconic locales and fan-favorite characters to life. This officially licensed cookbook features over 60 recipes for every occasion, whether you're dining with friends at the Hanged Man, stopping for sustenance on the road with the Grey Wardens, or planning an elaborate banquet in the Orlesian Empire.


Dragon Age: The Official Cookbook includes step-by-step instructions and beautiful full-color photography that will transport you from the Anderfels to Ferelden and back again. Prepare recipes inspired by beloved companions such as Fenris, Cassandra, and Morrigan, and set your table with canonical cuisine found throughout the games! As diverse and flavorful as the continent of Thedas itself, this cookbook is an essential addition to every fan's bookshelf and kitchen.


60+ RECIPES FOR EVERY OCCASION: From enticing, easy-to-make appetizers to hearty spreads that could feed the entire Inquisition, you'll have incredible recipes to share with companions and celebrate any victory.


EXPERIENCE DRAGON AGE LIKE NEVER BEFORE: Relive favorite characters, quests, locations, and scenes from the Dragon Age franchise, brought to life through enticing food and drinks tied to the franchise's sprawling and diverse world.


AN IMMERSIVE FANTASY EXPERIENCE MADE REAL: Full-color photography and flavorful lore will bring the Dragon Age world into your home and help ensure success in the kitchen.


THE PERFECT GIFT FOR FANS: Created in partnership with BioWare, this treasure trove of Dragon Age lore and recipes is a must-have collectible for die-hard fans and newcomers alike.


Dragon Age: The Official Cookbook

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