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Nox had just lost everything he ever cared about. In his injured state, he can think of nothing but revenge and making it back to Kald, even if it costs him his life. However, when the old witch Almira tells him she communicates on the god’s behalf, she makes him an offer he can’t refuse. He accepts the power of the clavis with the promise that the gods will resurrect a single person should he succeed in his quest.

Now, with nothing but anger in his heart, Nox sets out through Lycoris, wandering aimlessly in search of the beacons left by the gods. With their divine power once again released, Nox will have the ability to save all of Lycoris from the seed of evil that has taken root over the world. Blindly led by rage, Nox makes a mistake that not only gets the group kidnapped, but trapped on a deserted island. However, it seems there’s more to that place than he expected.

Can Nox escape the island and find the beacons or will he succumb to his anger and lead everyone to their dooms?



Street Date: December 31, 2022


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  • Blake R Wolfe

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