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Hercules and Athena, Guinevere and Lancelot, Luke and Leia...epic stories are all around us. They have existed since the dawn of civilization and permeate throughout every culture. Today's stories come in all shapes and sizes including books, television shows, video games and Hollywood blockbusters. However, what's sometimes not fully appreciated is how the epic heroic story starts inside each of us. Every human creates the tales of their lives with specific patterns and structures. This process has been mapped by many disciplines including neuroscience, psychology, economics, marketing, and even screen writing. There are many ways to apply the knowledge, but this book chronicles how using these insights to work with children and teens can create fantastic and positive changes. Of course, the path is fraught with dangers and difficulties, but if you possess the courage, you too can find epic success!



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Blockbuster Parenting

SKU: 0692946306
  • Kyle Erwin, Ed.D.

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