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I, Gideon Keene, have two big problems. Two things, well, people, standing between me and my happiness. One is a vengeful sea witch called Solomon, who has it in for me and my beloved Captain Tate. The other is my father. One has found us, the other is hounding us. It's time to take the battle to them, hold my head high and fight first one, then the other. But how can a cabin boy, a ship's cat, a member of the merfolk and two pirates defeat the most powerful sea witch in the Caribbean? Tate betrayed him, badly, years ago and now his furious magic has drawn our ship to his blasted islands. Assuming we survive, then take on the governor of Jamaica, who is determined to see me married to a nice girl and producing heirs? This is going to take all the courage I have, all the magic I can summon to me, and the wits and understanding of each of my cherished lovers. Not one of us could do it alone, but maybe ... just maybe, we can do it together.



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Captain's Treasure

SKU: 0473513226
  • Drake LaMarque

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