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Unfortunately for Cedric Hale-Harrington, ignoring a curse doesn't make it go away. Especially when it's tattooed on his back. After a close escape from the cult who want to sacrifice him, Cedric is happily aboard the Devil's Whore, staying close to his lovers, the dashing and dominant Captain Lucifer, the mysterious vampire Dante and his former tutor Oliver. By rights, it should be a party all night, every night, But his dreams are getting steadily stranger, and he's brought something back from one of them. When bounty hunters start relentlessly pursuing the ship it looks like Cedric can't ignore the claim the cult has on him. The Cult of the Unknowable Way draws ever closer and they aren't about to let him sail off into the sunset, not when they have a dark and potentially world-ending plan for him. -- Vampire's Indulgence is a gay harem MMMM romance, book 2 in a 4 book series. There's a Happy Ever After at the end of the series. This book features sharing, consensual kink and a dash of Lovecraftian horror.


Vampire's Indulgence

SKU: 0473537400
  • Drake LaMarque

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