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"The hags shook the dead and woke the trees.

They're coming to get the lonely three.

The huntress, the bird and the silver tongued

must leave it all behind

to find out what happened to the one."


Rosie collected herbs throughout Lakewood Trees all the time, but she never expected to collect a silver-haired boy from a crater created by a lightning bolt. He couldn't speak. His clothes were tattered and his only possession was a whispering key clutched tightly in his hand. With help from her only child, Henry, they fed and clothed the boy, whom they aptly named Silver. Henry was immediately drawn to the mysterious boy, but Rosie was wary. For soon after Silver's arrival, the forest started to walk, the birds started to bite and the sky rained worms. The home Rosie worked so hard to keep became the center of attention to an unspeakable evil. From the author of the series, He Was A Boy Who Smiled, comes Silver, an LGBT+ Young Adult Fantasy Trilogy set in the epic realm of In-Rel.


SKU: 0645314218
  • Michael Stoneburner

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