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With the recent cost of living crisis, we are all looking for ways to cut bills and save money. Ann Russell, who is best known as "TikTok's Auntie", has lived much of her life on a tight budget, and since energy bills first started rising, has been answering fan's questions not just about cleaning but about all kinds of ways to economise.


Following on from her first book, How To Clean Everything, in How To Save Money Ann will share her advice on the best ways to save money and cut back in all sorts of areas, covering everything from budgeting to meal planning and reducing food waste, and from tips on spending less each month to the most energy efficient ways to heat your house, do your laundry etc.


Written with Ann's trademark warmth, humour and understanding, this is a book that will help everyone who is looking to spend less while still getting the most out of life.



How to Save Money

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  • Ann Russell

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