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Father Ilya Pavlovich Sokolovis a lonely priest and pariah of his small town. Tasked with killing an injured monster in the woods, Ilya is certain of his death. Instead, he heals the monster's injury and lifts its curse, revealing a handsome, memory-less man.


Cocksure Danya is a man lost in an unfamiliar world. He struggles to recall his past life, flashes returning as he and Ilya grow closer. Soon, his appearance begins to change once more, but not into a beast - instead, Danya grows into something just like the Sun that Ilya has worshiped all his life.


With complicated pasts between them, the two must work together to deal with the corruption of Ilya's own church, as well as their blooming feelings for one another.




SKU: 1088076262
  • Ian Haramaki

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