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A dark and captivating new take on the beloved Nutcracker story, ZR Ellor's YA fantasy debut, No Better Than Beasts, is perfect standalone novel for fans of Russian folktales, cursed kingdoms, fraught romance, and fairy tale retellings with a bite.


The Gogitdan siblings had suffered much to fight for their place in Szpratzian Society. Immigrants from the cursed neighboring kingdom of Kolznechia, they spent their childhood on the street and in workhouses until Vdradir, the eldest, lifted from poverty with the help of a wealthy patron.


Now nineteen, Nabik is a conflicted soldier, forever in the shadow of his older brother. Vdradir has been appointed governor, ruling and grasping for power with a merciless iron fist. And Drakne, their little sister, is a dancer who dreams of peace and comfort and protection. Together, they are as broken and divided as the land they once called home.


When a powerful enemy rises, and signs of war between the Szpratzian empire and Kolznechia begin to spread, the siblings are forced to choose--cling to power and safety or save the remains of their tattered bond? When Rat Kings and Pinewood Princes force them into the Kolznechian woods, the siblings will be forced to fight for their home and humanity with teeth and claw...



No Better Than Beasts

SKU: 1250866995
  • Z. R. Ellor

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