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MA1 Iskander Ayhan's orders are simple: stay with Admiral Dalton's son as his plainclothes bodyguard while he attends university classes. So typical-a high-ranking officer abusing Navy resources for unnecessary security as a status symbol. But it doesn't take long before Iskander realizes he's not really there to protect the kid from benign harassment by homophobic classmates.Behind the piercings, eyeliner, and bad attitude, Troy Dalton is hiding something. He's scared, and although he's not so sure the armed bodyguard by his side is enough to keep him safe, he can't risk revealing the truth.Slowly, Iskander gains Troy's trust, and the walls start coming down, but before they know it, the two men are way too close to each other... and suddenly Iskander is attracting more danger to the man he's sworn to protect.Now he doesn't know how to keep Troy safe from harm-by staying close to him, or getting as far away from him as possible.



The Walls of Troy

SKU: 1537213881
  • L.A. Witt

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