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On a rainy, foggy night in a provincial English village, Captain Stuart Lanning of Operation Dutch Oven meets his end in a tragic car crash. But Lanning's wife believes that her husband was targeted. She travels to Denmark to ask for Johnnie's help in finding the captain's killers. In 1988 Johnnie's CIA supervisor, Marge Stuplemann, was a bright, new intelligence agent doing her best to bring Panamanian strongman, Manuel Noriega, to justice. What would transpire would shock her core beliefs in the morality of her career choice. Now, nearly thirty years later, both events are on a collision course aimed directly at Johnnie, Sander, and Marge. What happens next makes Open Secrets one of the most exciting novels in the series.



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Open Secrets

SKU: 1539314103
  • Cade jay Hathaway

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