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Olaf "Gunn" Gunnunderson is an out-and-proud college student with a secret - his parents (the bubbly Anya and the perpetually stoned Sven) still don't know that he's gay. So when his boyfriend, Nathan Stanford, shows up unannounced at the Gunnunderson house over Christmas break, Gunn finds himself juggling his reality with the lies he has told his family for years. Will the truth come out before Gunn does? People have enjoyed the film Make The Yuletide Gay for years. Now, with the publication of this novel, fans can learn more about the Gunnunderson, Stanford, and Mancuso families, gain more insight into Gunn's journey over that fateful holiday week, and even find out what happens afterwards. Bonus! Included in this book is a new short story, When Olaf Met Nathan, which details the first meeting between the two college freshmen, randomly assigned as roommates but destined to become much more.



Make TheYuletide Gay

SKU: 154871559X
  • Rob Williams

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