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What has been missing from the daring tales of fairy tale heroes is quite simply some heft. Run away with us to enchanted woods, where the cubs and bears are not going to eat you (not without informed, enthusiastic consent), where no one will judge if you take up residence in a house with seven bearded men and only one bed, and where if you fall in love with a large, hairy man with a forbidding castle and a well-stocked library, he'll still be that way after you kiss him. Lambda Literary Award-winning editor Steve Berman has gathered a dozen stories of whimsy and romance that feature gay men with plenty of curves and fur. Featuring an introduction by Matthew Bright and an afterword by award-winning ursine author Jeff Mann.



Burly Tales

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  • James H Moran
    John Linwood Grant
    Jonathan Harper
    M. Yuan-Innes
    John T. Fuller
    Charles Payseur
    B.J. Fry
    Alysha MacDonald
    Mark Ward
    Evey Brett
    Rob Rosen
    Ann Zeddies

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