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Lily is a girl who discovers she has the ability to see how others will die simply by touching them. Only she doesn't want this gift, and takes extreme measure to protect herself from it. When her mother--because every fairy tale has to have a wicked (step)mother--sells Lily's services to an evangelical preacher and his wildly popular travelling tent revival, Lily is torn away from the idyllic place she's always known as home and thrust into a world of greed and manipulation that threatens to destroy her unless she can find a way back....if she survives the quest the old witch Baba Yaga has given her...or the attention of a tent revivalist who promises to save her soul. This edition of Lily is printed on high-quality, glossy paper, hardcover bound with fanciful dust jacket and features additional spot art, and preliminary sketches by the illustrator.



Lily (Deluxe)

SKU: 1590210883
  • Michael Thomas Ford

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