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In September of 2009 I began working as an Escort and Adult Performer in Las Vegas after breaking up with my partner of 4 years. I felt lost and was broke so I decided to place an ad on a few websites advertising male escorts. To my surprise, I started getting calls almost instantly! These requests came from a wide range of people, from those with physical deformities to gorgeous men I could only fantasize being with. Over the years, some of these men became mentors and friends while others made me want to run out of the room screaming! Here is a collection of stories of some of those experiences, ranging from the shocking to the emotional, spanning the gamut of one of the world's oldest professions. The names and places of the events have been changed, but the stories are all very real, revealing both the dark side and the touching moments of a misunderstood profession.



Money's On The Dresser - Escorting, Porn and Promiscuity in Las Vegas

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  • Christopher Daniels

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