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In this YA contemporary debut about pop punk, romance, and destroying the labels that confine you, a queer teen risks everything to write his own story. Perfect for fans of Sonora Reyes and Adib Khorram.


Stonebridge High's resident bad boy, seventeen-year-old Wesley "Big Mac" Mackenzie, is failing senior year--thanks to his unchecked anger, rowdy friends, and a tendency to ditch his homework for a secret photography habit. So when his mom drags him to a production of The Nutcracker, Wes isn't interested at all . . . until he sees Tristan Monroe. Mr. Nutcracker himself.


Wes knows he shouldn't like Tristan; after all, he's a ballet dancer, and Wes is as closeted as they come. But when they start spending time together, Wes can't seem to get Tristan out of his head. Driven by a new sense of purpose, Wes begins to think that--despite every authority figure telling him otherwise--maybe he can change for the better and graduate on time.


As a falling out with his friends becomes inevitable, Wes realizes that being himself means taking a stand--if only he can blow up the bad-boy reputation he never wanted in the first place.


From a debut author to watch, Skater Boy delivers a heart-wrenching, validating, and honest story about what it means to be gay in a world where you don't fit in.



Skater Boy

SKU: 9781641295345
  • Anthony Nerada

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