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Embark on an interdimensional culinary journey with Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook, the ultimate collection of recipes inspired by the hit television series!


Create dishes from across the multiverse with Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook! Featuring cuisine from the planets and dimensions seen in the series, this colorful cookbook offers a wide variety of over 50 recipes inspired by the beloved show. Fans will delight in recreating the show's most iconic dishes, such as Sugar Chicken and Pickled Ricks, along with a host of other appetizers, main courses, desserts, and drinks. Bursting with photography that's sure to inspire chefs of any skill level, this cookbook is the perfect culinary companion for your travels across space and time.


- DISCOVER MORE THAN 50 RECIPES FROM THE RICK AND MORTY MULTIVERSE: Create dozens of inventive recipes from the outlandish worlds of Rick and Morty, from Mega Fruit Salad to Eye Holes, Gazorpazorpfield Enchiladas, and Sugar Chicken.


- THE FIRST OFFICIAL RICK AND MORTY COOKBOOK: The only cookbook with official recipes directly inspired by Rick and Morty!


- PERFECT FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: With accessible step-by-step instructions and helpful cooking tips, Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook is a great guide for fans of any age and skill level, from kitchen novices to the smartest chefs in the universe.



Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook

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