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Jimmy Strong is one devastating son of a gun.
He's gorgeous, stubborn, a dancer,
fiercely protective of his loved ones (to a fault),
and intense.
He can steal your heart with his infectious laughter ...
and break it with a single glance of his stunning, rich brown eyes.


I ought to know. He breaks mine every day.


Being his gay best friend and college roomie is, to say the least, frustrating.
Especially when you've seen
just about every inch of that corn-fed beauty,
he's worked his way into every fantasy you can remember having,
and he's as straight as they make them.


We're heading back to Spruce for the summer.
He just broke things off with his latest lady-squeeze,
which means I have Jimmy all to myself
for three long months of relaxation,
bro-time, and kicking back.


Until one night alone with Jimmy -
and a reckless, unthinkable move -
that changes everything.


Love is always brewin' in Spruce, Texas!
Have you read all the books in the series?
Football Sundae
Born Again Sinner
Rebel At Spruce High




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