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True love is worth fighting for!


My name is Connor Williams and people say I'm crazy. But that's not who I am. They also think I'm straight, and mean, and dangerous. But that's not who I am. The stories people tell-all those legends they whisper at school-they don't mean a thing. Only my mother and younger brother matter to me. Funny then that I find myself wanting to stand up for someone else. David Henry, the cute bookish guy who always keeps to himself, is about to get his ass beat by a bunch of dudes bigger than him. I could look away, let him be one more causality of this cruel world... But that's not who I am.


Kamikaze Boys, a Lambda Literary award-winning novel, is a story of love triumphant as two young men walk a perilous path in the hopes of saving each other.



Kamikaze Boys

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  • Jay Bell

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