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Five of Knights is the fast paced first entry to the Children of Ichor series. It includes a cast of characters that are racially and culturally diverse. While set in the modern day, the world has been heavily influenced by a different pantheon of gods. Through their influence, magic and creatures of myth continue to exist in far flung corners. Beneath the surface of the ordinary, an age old skirmish for control of valuable ichor rages on.


Ashleen stumbles unprepared into a world she's only heard stories about, armed with a letter sent by the mysterious archwarden and the knowledge that her father died for this cause. As if that wasn't enough, she must also contend with the reemergence of her ex-girlfriend, and her ex's unnaturally attractive new boyfriend. As she climbs the ranks in search of the truth, what she uncovers only seems to blur the lines further...



Five of Knights

SKU: 1735228931
  • K.W. Santoro

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