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SLY features the adventures of a hyper-sexy, cat-suited super-spy...and the men he sleeps with when saving the world from threats to world peace! First, he goes on a "Smooth Extraction", the rescue operation of a beardy scientist kidnapped by an evil international paramilitary criminal organization... The mission goes hot when the glasses come off, the zippers unzipped, and no asset's left unstirred! Then, he shuttles to an international space station to keep track of a possible threat to nuclear safety...and for a conjugal visit with an astronaut who's his "Long-Distance Relationship"!, Lastly, out super-spy defeats the hulking Asian henchman with a "Killer Kiss" that turns him against his sinister mod boss! But, if the mod boss keeps trying to kill them for revenge, how can spy and ex-henchman keep rolling in the hay?




SKU: 1939888549
  • Dale Lazarov

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